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Inclusive Communication Survey

Inclusive Communication Survey Inclusive communication is an approach to communication which enables as many people as possible to be included. It allows the largest number of people in the population to take part in communication with services. It does this by allowing and enabling individuals to use whatever ways of understanding and expressing themselves which they find easiest. Inclusive communication is relevant to all forms of communication: Printed information, including leaflets, posters, letters and appointment cards Online materials such as information websites and online contact forms Telephone helplines and telephone interviews And Face to face interactions such as advice sessions,
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2021 Scottish Parliament Election: Manifesto Tracker

2021 Scottish Parliament Election: Accessible Formats Manifesto Tracker In 2015, the main political parties in Scotland signed up to the One in Five Charter, which asks political parties, local government and other organisations to make politics more inclusive and accessible to disabled people. The One in Five Campaign asked simply that political participation and representation reflects our society, where one in five people self-identify as having a disability or long term health condition. At that time, Jamie Szymkowiak, One in Five’s founder said that it was important to disabled people that political meetings to be held in accessible venues, and
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