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Patients with sight loss still receive healthcare information in inaccessible format, report finds

Blind and partially sighted people still struggle to receive healthcare information in accessible formats, new research by sight loss charity RNIB Scotland has found. “This can put patients at risk of missing treatment as well as being confused or misinformed about their healthcare needs,” report author Laura Jones warns.  “The NHS, itself, puts great emphasis on the cost, in money and time, of missed appointments to over-burdened clinics. So giving patients accessible information makes sense. “More worryingly, as many sight loss conditions are progressive, any delays in treatment could mean unnecessary deterioration in sight.” The report, released today, also highlights
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Participatory Budgeting in Scotland

Participatory Budgeting in Scotland A short video highlighting the benefits of Participatory Budgeting with British Sign Language and subtitles. Participatory Budgeting is about local people having a direct say in how public money is spent. PB in Scotland (with BSL & subtitles) from Annie Cook on Vimeo. For more information about Participatory Budgeting visit:
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