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Case Study: Joe, Researcher

Joe M., 27, applied for a position within a well known marketing firm. Joe has a hearing impairment, and had been looking for a position which would allow him to use his abilities in online work whilst accommodating his disability. Within the application form, there was no ‘Guaranteed Interview Scheme’ box, so Joe informed them of his disability within his personal statement. Having made it to interview, Joe was asked by email what he needed in order to attend the interview. The marketing firm were honest in telling him that they had no experience of providing communication support and openly
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Case Study: Rhian Campbell Disability Equality Internship Programme ‘The key, the door & Dypraxia’

The key, the door & Dypraxia “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein Albert Einstein’s quote has always increased my confidence in times of difficulty because it reminded me of something very simple: everyone is different and everyone is brilliant. Climbing a tree to most people will seem a very simple task to most people but to others it is an impossible task. Just like unlocking my office door. Despite the professional importance of the job I’m about to undertake I find
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Blog: Let’s try it this way…

I started working with Scottish Disability Equality Forum about three years ago.  The biggest challenge for me was understanding who our membership was and how best to communicate to them all.  The process in place when I started wasn’t wrong at all but I felt it could be simplified, especially with the membership increasing weekly. Our membership is open to all disabled people, therefore the communication needs varied a lot and this resulted in spending days ensuring each member received exactly the format of information they requested, for example: Yellow paper Large fonts in varying sizes Audio tape CD Print
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