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News: New hearing protocols launched in Glasgow

New hearing protocols launched in Glasgow Hearing Link was delighted to be invited along to the launch of new protocols for better access to meetings and events for people with hearing loss recently. Our volunteer May Wood (pictured) and staff member Alison Coyle attended the Ideas for Ears event hosted by Volunteer Scotland in their CommUnity Bubble Tent at Go Live at Glasgow Green. The event marked the launch of the Hearing Access Protocol produced by Ideas for Ears and supported by deafscotland. Meeting and events are stressful and frustrating for people with hearing loss. Common issues such as poor
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News: The National Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Core Pathway

The pathway is relevant to all people who would benefit from using communication equipment, regardless of age, diagnosis or location. It encompasses both low and high tech communication equipment, as described in the guidance document. This pathway is intended as a reference guide for Health Boards and all services who in partnership across Health, Education, Social Care and third sector deliver the provision of communication equipment and support in using that equipment. Local services will have their own local AAC pathway. This pathway outlines the core elements that a person who uses communication equipment and support will experience and allows
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