Proposed site for Dyslexia pathways CIC hub for dyslexic and nuero diverse communities in Fife

Proposed site for our Dyslexia pathways CIC hub for dyslexic and nuero diverse communities in Fife

The following blog is by Stephen McCue.
Hi hope you are all feeling fab out there.
We need to move past a medical model definition of dyslexia that tells us we are broken. A definition that tells us we as dyslexics are the problem.It’s a model that sees us being segregated, marginalized and denied access to an education together with non dyslexics in an inclusive learning environment.

It’s our education system that fails dyslexics not being dyslexic itself. We need to nurture not remediate.  We need teachers in every classroom trained to enable us to learn.

That’s why I support and promote the social model of dyslexia. Because it talking about diversity and difference rather than disability. We learn, think, problem solve and indeed experience the world differently from non dyslexics.

Dyslexia is not a medical issue?

Dyslexia is a difference that reflects diversity. We must embrace diversity, we must nurture it and enable it to flourish.

That why I use the term medical model of dyslexia. #iamdyslexic? not a person with dyslexia like there is me and dyslexia is standing next to me. Like dyslexia is some sort of condition that needs treatment or curing. I don’t suffer with dyslexia I suffer with a society that disables us, that marginalises us, that does not respect and embrace diversity.

Being dyslexic is fab we have fab minds that work in fab ways. I think as a dyslexic, learn as a dyslexic, feel as a dyslexic etc. Being dyslexic is a part of who I am. I would not want to be neuro typical if you paid me a million dollars.

That’s why I say dyslexia is a difference that reflects diversity. Nature and humanity thrives because of diversity and difference and that something we should be celebrating. Dyslexics can and do succeed across the whole of our society.

Being dyslexic is fab

I am dyslexic I don’t have dyslexia, I am not a person with dyslexia. We need to move past the idea that we have dyslexia like it’s some sort of an illness or disability.

We are told so many times that we as dyslexics are disabled so often we start to believe it ourselves and we begin to disable ourselves. We see so many dyslexic kids giving up on school and giving up on themselves because our education system fails them.

It’s not good enough and there is no excuse for it. We must unite and it is being dyslexic that unites us.

many thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback on what I have written in this and any of my other blogs