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Introduction to AAC

Commissioned by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) as part of the Scottish Right to Speak initiative, CALL Scotland has developed five short online learning modules on augmentative and alternative communication. The modules can be viewed one by one as ‘stand-alones’, or in sequence. All five modules are at an introductory level, and highly accessible to people without any previous specialised knowledge of communication disability, or of communication aids. Each module takes about 5-10 minutes to view – or longer if you want to explore the many links and resources – and finishes with a ‘Test your Knowledge’ quiz, and a
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Blog: Let’s try it this way…

I started working with Scottish Disability Equality Forum about three years ago.  The biggest challenge for me was understanding who our membership was and how best to communicate to them all.  The process in place when I started wasn’t wrong at all but I felt it could be simplified, especially with the membership increasing weekly. Our membership is open to all disabled people, therefore the communication needs varied a lot and this resulted in spending days ensuring each member received exactly the format of information they requested, for example: Yellow paper Large fonts in varying sizes Audio tape CD Print
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Top ten tips for communication – how to get better at speaking with people who have a learning disability

How can you tell if someone has a learning disability? Some of the things to look out for are Someone being slower understanding or answering questions. Having difficulty remembering personal details or events. The person is giving you information in an unusual or mixed up order. Having difficulty reading or writing. If you think someone might have a learning disability but you are not sure, you could say something like – To make sure we can help you in the best way possible, do you have any support needs we should know about? This could mean a learning disability, autism
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