Sensory Guidance for COVID-19 Lockdown

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New cross-sector guidance to support people living with sensory loss during the COVID-19 lockdown has been published.

The ALLIANCE is working closely with Scottish Government and partner organisations from across the Third Sector to produce guidance and information to support people living with sensory loss and their communication partners as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions vary across the country.

Measures to reduce spread of the infection present challenges which may affect groups of people in different ways, including people’s ability to communicate, gather information and move around their environment safely.

This guidance outlines key advice on how these necessary measures can be safely observed for people living with sensory loss, and how to support people to access vital services such as shopping, travel and medical appointments safely.

The document provides links to further guidance from organisations outside of the ALLIANCE, which are updated regularly.

Download the guidance ‘Cross-sector sensory guidance during COVID-19‘ in a Word document.

Further information on sensory impairment can be found on the Alliance website.