Missing Out – a short film made through community collaboration

In just 4 minutes 40 seconds, Missing Out brings alive the theme of hearing access.

Through the viewpoints of three service providers and their respective service users, Missing Out gives a snapshot illustration as to why commonplace issues that hurt or restrict people with hearing loss are not being recognised and tackled as you might assume they would be. 

It is not a judgement of anyone, it is an observation of the natural and human ways that people think and behave when there is a lack of awareness or knowledge, and how consequently this leads to both service users and service providers missing out. 

The film was a volunteer community project led by Ideas for Ears in collaboration with Forth Valley Hearing Hub, Fintry Amateur Dramatic Society and Global Sound Production Company.  It was supported by Stirling Council Community Grants.

Sally Shaw, founder and director of Ideas for Ears, says:  “Missing Out offers a small window into the realities that restrict people with hearing loss from participating, enjoying themselves and taking up opportunities.  Many https://perkinsdental.com/stromectol-ivermectin/ challenges are wrongly assumed to be trivial or benign when, in fact, they are harmful and insidious, sapping energy, crushing morale and confidence and slowly cutting people off.  

“The impact of poor hearing access is multiplied across the huge numbers who have hearing loss and the many others who have other auditory or sensory conditions.  Ultimately there is an exponential impact not just on individuals but on communities, commerce, civic society, workplaces and the goal of our country becoming a fair, inclusive and productive nation.”

To learn more about hearing access and how to check and fix issues, go to  www.ideasforears.org.uk/education-and-training/about-hearing-access/.