Did I Make Myself Clear?

Making information and correspondence accessible is not just ethically a good idea .  It can :

  • strengthen delivery of key messages to your potential clients in a clear and punchy way
  • improve staff understanding of your business, of internal processes and regulations
  • remove ambiguity, misunderstandings and the ‘I couldn’t open that document’ phenomenon

Make being inclusive an exclusive!

Word gets around when employers go that little bit further to be inclusive.  Well known chains actively employ retirees, others are known for great employee assistance programmes to maintain good mental health.  Attracting good staff requires delivering a good environment for working, so whether you have one employee or 10,000, think about what you can do to improve your business’ reputation as an inclusive employer.

Online Training: Accessible Information Awareness

Disability Information Scotland host a free online course  to help make the information you produce accessible to everyone.