A note-taker is a person who is contracted to provide a written note verbatim of any discussion, presentation or other spoken word event.  They may work from a laptop if they are transcribing a small meeting, or may project their notes onto a screen or TV for a larger audience.

It is important that the note-taker has access to the appropriate equipment to ensure that her text reaches the intended audience without visual obstruction.  For this reason, it is good practice to place the note-taker at a table close to those with communication support needs, and also within good hearing distance of the speakers.

At small meetings, the person for whom the note-taker has been arranged will work out placement of the note-taker to best support their needs.

Added Value

Many people without a disability use – and enjoy may not self-identify as being hard of hearing, or may simply find it easier to back up what they are hearing with clear written notes.