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People who are Hard of Hearing

Hard of Hearing is a term used to describe people with a mild to moderate hearing loss. People who are hard of hearing will, in general, lose their hearing gradually and the majority of hard of hearing people do so later in their lives.  A person with a mild hearing loss might wear a hearing aid and have some difficulty in following conversations in noisy situations.  A person with a moderate hearing loss might have one or two hearing aids and will have difficulty following normal speech without the aid. If the person coming to a meeting or appointment uses
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Palantypist / Speech-to-text

A Palantypist turns speech into text using a specialist keyboard and software. A skilled palantypist can reproduce speech on screen at over 200 wpm and 98% accuracy. Verbatim speech-to-text (VSTT) does not involve voice recognition software or predictive text; it is a skill acquired over many years of training and practice. VSTT can be displayed on a laptop screen or projected on to a bigger screen for larger audiences. VSTT can be provided on site or from a remote location and streamed to and from anywhere in the world using the latest screen-share technology and the power of the internet.
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