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British Sign Language

Providing sign language alternatives will make your communications more accessible to people who use British Sign Language (BSL) to communicate. BSL is a gestural language used in the UK’s deaf community. It is not related to English or any other spoken languages.  
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Deaf Sign Language users

Deaf Sign Language users are people whose preferred or only language is British Sign Language (BSL).  These people have been born deaf or have become deaf early in life. People with this level of deafness are described as being profoundly deaf.  Deaf BSL users usually see themselves as part of a linguistic/cultural minority known as the Deaf Community.  A hearing professional who is not proficient in BSL (equivalent of BSL Level 3) must book a BSL/English Interpreter for all meetings and appointments with a Deaf Sign Language user in order to communicate effectively with the person.
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Palantypist / Speech-to-text

A Palantypist turns speech into text using a specialist keyboard and software. A skilled palantypist can reproduce speech on screen at over 200 wpm and 98% accuracy. Verbatim speech-to-text (VSTT) does not involve voice recognition software or predictive text; it is a skill acquired over many years of training and practice. VSTT can be displayed on a laptop screen or projected on to a bigger screen for larger audiences. VSTT can be provided on site or from a remote location and streamed to and from anywhere in the world using the latest screen-share technology and the power of the internet.
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