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Moon is a system of reading and writing which uses tactile symbols based on lines and curves to represent letters, numbers and punctuation marks. It is easier to learn than braille, as the letters are easier to distinguish by touch. However, Moon cannot be written by hand, is even bulkier than braille and currently there is very little literature available in Moon. Moon is used by a very small number of people, most of whom are elderly. As it is unlikely that you will receive requests for Moon you do not need to produce materials in Moon as a matter
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Braille is a system of raised dots that people read with their fingers. Facts and figures about braille users: braille is the preferred reading medium of approximately 18,000 blind and partially sighted adults in the UK (source: RNIB 2009) many more people use braille for labelling objects around their home and workplace it’s accessible to over 20% of working age people who are registered blind around 4% of the blind and partially sighted population of 5 to 16 year olds in Britain are braille users – this is around 850 children (source: RNIB 2009) braille readers are often influential and
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