An Electronic Notetaker (ENT) is a language service professional who works with people who are unable to fully access the spoken word, and generally suits those who are D/deaf, Deafblind, dyslexic and/or unable to take their own notes, or who need the transfer of the spoken word to text or Braille. A summary of the speech (or verbatim record if the speech is slow) is done using equipment provided by the ENT – usually one or two laptop computers with dedicated software. Your ENT types what is heard so that you can read it from the ‘receiver’ laptop in real time, read from a big screen, or transfer the notes later to your own computer to adapt as you wish. The specialist software allows for:

  • clients to follow up to 10 speakers
  • two-way communication via a messaging facility
  • individual notes to be made
  • customising of background colours and font size