Euan’s Guide offers free face mask exempt badges

 Euan's Guide face mask exempt badge with web address

Euan’s Guide has produced face mask exempt badges which they will be giving out free of charge while stocks last. The badges are a direct response to feedback the charity is getting from users about their concern of being judged for not wearing a face mask.

Research from Disability Rights UK showed that nearly 60% of people who cannot wear a face covering fear being challenged for not wearing one. The Euan’s Guide badges can help individuals who are exempt from wearing masks easily identify themselves to try to prevent unnecessary questioning and harassment. We hope to continue to produce as many badges as are required, but we will be reliant on donations to make this possible.

You can find more information about the face mask exempt badges on the Euan’s Guide website:

Euan’s Guide has also launched a survey to try to capture disabled people’s concerns around places re-opening. The survey asks what concerns they have, what precautions they would like to see in places and where they are likely to visit. It is open to disabled people, older people, friends and family, carers and healthcare professionals. Euan’s Guide will publish the results and share it with different industries and businesses to make sure they are considering their disabled access along with the other changes they are making. 

You can follow this link for more info on the COVID-19 Concerns and Precautions survey: