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The British Deaf Association (BDA) stands for Deaf Equality, Access, and Freedom of Choice. It is important to the BDA that Deaf people should have the right to choose to sign or speak or both without sanction and without obstacles. Equality means that Deaf people are able to access information and support in their preferred language, and have the same opportunities to achieve the same life outcomes as hearing people. Recognition of British and Irish Sign Languages in legislation is essential to raising awareness, recognition and respect to achieve equality of access and opportunity for Deaf people. We believe every Deaf person must have access to services from Government level down to their local shop in their preferred language. 

BDA Scotland has a key role in ensuring that Deaf BSL users are fully included as equal members in society, and we support this with a wide body of work. We run a number of projects serving Scotland’s Deaf community.

In September 2015 the Scottish Government passed the BSL (Scotland) Act which will be instrumental in ensuing that BSL users are fully involved in all aspects of daily and public lives. Following this, in October 2017, the Scottish Government launched the BSL National Plan which placed a commitment on local authorities and other public bodies to develop Local Authority Plans. These were rolled out in October 2018.

Here at BDA Scotland, we help build bridges between organisations creating a BSL plan and the Deaf community in their area. We facilitate open meetings, use our social media networks to raise awareness and support engagement, and work with Local Authorities and public bodies to implement their plans.

If you would like more information on any aspects of the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015 and how this may impact your organisation or you as an individual, please get in touch.

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