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Invisible disabilities: What is a sunflower lanyard?

Invisible disabilities: What is a sunflower lanyard? BBC Newsround provide information on sunflower lanyards. If you have a disability that may not be immediately obvious but would appreciate support from staff in UK airports, certain railways, supermarkets or visitor attractions, then you may be interested to know there is a lanyard you can wear to signal this.  To read the full article, visit the BBC Newsround website
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How to organise an Inclusive and Accessible Event

When organising meetings, training sessions, conferences and other events it is important to make sure that they are accessible to everyone attending including disabled people. The checklists below will assist any organiser in making sure that their event is accessible to as many people as possible. Invitations When inviting delegates or speakers to an event, particularly where this includes people who are not known to the organiser, you should include an accessibility statement with the invitation and/or confirmation. For example: “We will do our best to fulfil your requirements to allow you to fully participate in this event. Please let
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Top ten tips for communication – how to get better at speaking with people who have a learning disability

How can you tell if someone has a learning disability? Some of the things to look out for are Someone being slower understanding or answering questions. Having difficulty remembering personal details or events. The person is giving you information in an unusual or mixed up order. Having difficulty reading or writing. If you think someone might have a learning disability but you are not sure, you could say something like – To make sure we can help you in the best way possible, do you have any support needs we should know about? This could mean a learning disability, autism
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