By Aurora Betony

Following ‘Writing for a Dyslexic Audience’, I’ve written a couple of guides on text readers. Text readers are software programs that read written text out loud.  They are also known as ‘Text-to-speech technology’ or TTS.  Some of the programs can do other things too, like customise the appearance of the text or make audio recordings.  So they are very useful for anyone who finds reading difficult.

Text readers can either be built into websites / blogs or downloaded onto a device or USB stick.  So if you want to make your website or blog more dyslexia-friendly, you can add a text reader to it.  And if you want to access written web content in audio, you can download a text reader onto your device or a memory stick.  So either way, anyone can use a text reader with any written web content, on any device.

Text readers are easy to install and use.  There are many different programs available, some free, others paid-for.  It’s helpful to know about a range of programs so that you can choose one that suits you.  So I’ve written these guides to help you with that task.

Here they are:

For anyone who manages a website or blog: How text readers can make your web content more accessible

For anyone who wants to access written web content: Using text readers to access websites and blogs