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Back to basics: what is a disability?

Disability in the Marketplace

Diversity in your Workforce

How to organise an Inclusive and Accessible Event

Make Information Accessible

Statistics on Disability and Employment

The six principle of inclusive communication

Symbol Sets

Top ten tips for Inclusive Presentations

Understand your audience

What is Inclusive Communication?

Top ten tips: Speaking to someone with a hearing impairment

Top ten tips: Working with someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Aspergers

Top ten tips for communication – how to get better at speaking with people who have a learning disability


I want to tell people about Inclusive Communication

If you are someone who requires communication support and wants to share and inform others, the links below will help you do this.

What is disability?

Equality Act 2010

Independent Living

Glossary (this is a jargon buster for terminology used in Inclusive Communications)

Library (the library is full of helpful resources written by organisations and groups across Scotland working to improve Inclusive Communication)

Case Studies